Dirt Wizard Chucks Rocks

One evening, The Goat (hubby) and I were discussing our day, when he said something like, "all I did today was chuck rocks" (he's a mountain bike trail steward). I said something about it being a big deal to the rocks, how else were they going to get anywhere? He snorted and told me to … Continue reading Dirt Wizard Chucks Rocks

A Night at the Tortoise Atoll Resort and Spa

This year, on a whim, I entered my first writing competition, the NYC Midnight Short Story Writing Competition, 2021. Not sure what prompted me to do this, as recently I've spent most of my day staring at a screen trying to maintain and create a website for my shop, to headache, blurry eyed inducing creative … Continue reading A Night at the Tortoise Atoll Resort and Spa