Goodbye, our old metal friend.

I know it's silly, but today we said good-bye to our 1998 Volswagen Jetta TDI. Western PA winters have destroyed it.  For those of you who don't know what that means, our roads are kept "clear" through snow, sleet, and ice by plowing and the use of a saline solution, aka salt.  If you've ever … Continue reading Goodbye, our old metal friend.

August. Too early to signal Autumn?

Recently The Goat and I visited Madison, Wisconsin.  We were gone 10 days, that's it, just 10 days.  But somehow, in those 10 days our yard went from a lush and overabundant green oasis to a dry, yellow, and crunchy yard!  Earlier in the Summer it was difficult for me to relate to the water shortage … Continue reading August. Too early to signal Autumn?