Fall gardening keeps me grounded.

Now that Fall is officially here, it's time to start thinking about Fall crops like apples, pears, and squash.  I had planted some Hubbard Squash, but while I was on vacation, the vines died.  And since I was not home at the time, I wasn't able to investigate properly to determine what buggies or pathogen … Continue reading Fall gardening keeps me grounded.

My medium sized home.

I started cleaning out our attic recently, because it needed it, and because the building in which my shop is located is holding a garage sale in late September.  The attic has needed a good sort-through for a long time.  Our attic is a walk-up.  What that means is that it's the 3rd floor of … Continue reading My medium sized home.

And I didn’t turn the compost, again.

Between the weather, the shop, and the CSA bounty, any spare time I have had was used to do some canning and now the yard is showing neglect. But it's official, I'm out of pint jars, and space to store them.  So if I decide to make applesauce and/or pear butter this fall, I'll have … Continue reading And I didn’t turn the compost, again.